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Working Principle Of Diesel Engine High - Pressure Pump

Diesel engine high pressure pump principle? High pressure pump cylinder pressure quickly rose to 6-9MPa, the temperature rose to 2000-2500K. And now more and more widely used electronic control diesel engine common rail eruption system can better handle this setback. Its main features are the following three aspects: fuel injection timing and fuel measurement completely separated, fuel injection pressure and fuel injection process by the ECU when the control. In the high-pressure gas propulsion, the piston downward movement and the movement of the crankshaft crank and work, the same exhaust gas through the exhaust pipe into the atmosphere. So the diesel fuel into the cylinder, in a very short period of time after mixing with the air immediately after the ignition itself. As the diesel engine tightening ratio (usually 16-22), so the end of the tightening of the cylinder air pressure up to 3.5-4.5MPa, together with the temperature up to 750-1000K (while the gasoline engine at the moment the mixture pressure will be 0.6-1.2MPa, Temperature up to 600-700K), greatly beyond the ignition temperature of diesel. Compared to the gasoline engine, the diesel engine has a low fuel consumption rate (lower than the gasoline engine 30% lower), and diesel value is low, so the fuel economy is better; together with the diesel engine speed is usually lower than the gasoline engine, the torque is larger than the gasoline engine, but Its quality, homework noise, production and maintenance of high cost, together with emissions than the gasoline engine worse.Where the engine crankshaft rotation of each rotation, that is, under the piston reciprocating two strokes and completed a homework cycle of the engine. Where the engine crankshaft rotation of each two turn, that is, the piston up and down the four strokes and complete a homework cycle of the engine. But with the opening of modern skills, diesel engine these defects are gradually being defeated, and now is not a high-class cars are now beginning to use diesel engine. Diesel inhalation in the intake stroke is pure air. The engine can be designed for the two red hair and four-stroke engine. When the homework, the high-pressure oil pump to the high pressure to the fuel supply to the public supply pipe, high pressure oil pump, pressure sensor and ECU composed of closed-loop homework, the public oil supply pipe pressure control, The appearance ofAccording to the state of mind to adjust the cylinder fuel injection pressure, fuel injection starting point, duration, and then seek the best control point of fuel injection. This kind of oil supply method should change with the change of the engine speed, can not achieve the best speed of oil supply. The common rail eruption system consists of a high pressure pump, a common fuel supply pipe, an injector, an electronic control unit (ECU) and a number of piping pressure sensors. Each of the injectors in the system is connected to the common oil Tube connected to the public fuel supply on the injector to play a hydraulic pressure storage effect. Usually the diesel engine is driven by the engine camshaft, with the help of high-pressure oil pump to the fuel tank to the cylinder. In the tightening trip near the end, the diesel fuel pump by the oil pressure to 10MPa or more, through the injector into the cylinder, in a very short period of time with the compressed high-temperature air mixed to form a combustible mixture. However, diesel fuel is diesel fuel, its viscosity is larger than gasoline, not easy to transpire, and its spontaneous combustion temperature is lower than gasoline, so combustible mixture composition and incineration methods are not the same with the gasoline engine. Can be completed very high fuel injection pressure, and can complete the pre-eruption of diesel.

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