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Why Is Diesel Engine Speed Lower Than Gasoline Engine Speed?

Because the gasoline burns, the bore is bigger than diesel.

1, the diesel engine is compressed by burning, because diesel fuel burns higher than gasoline.

2, the diesel engine needs more than the gasoline engine compression ratio, the diesel engine bore stroke should also be larger than the gasoline engine, natural,diesel engine crankshaft radius than the gasoline engine.

3, the gasoline engine is to rely on electric ignition, coupled with the gasoline engine burned relative to diesel lower, so the compression ratio is relatively small, in order to prevent gasoline in the cylinder ahead of burning, so the gasoline engine piston stroke is relatively short, so the gasoline engine crankshaft The radius is also smaller than the diesel engine.

The same power case, the gasoline engine because the crankshaft radius is shorter, so the circular motion cycle is shorter.

Relatively correct because the crankshaft radius of the diesel engine is larger, because the principle of the lever, so the diesel engine labor is also relatively better than the gasoline engine, the power is greater than the gasoline engine.

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