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Why Diesel Engines Are More Efficient Than Gasoline Engines?

Gasoline engine or diesel engine are all internal combustion engine,

Are the combustion of fuel by pushing the cylinder piston for reciprocating motion to convert the chemical energy in the fuel into the mechanical energy that drives the vehicle forward,

So the working principle of the two is generally the same.

In the suction stroke, the gasoline engine inhalation of the cylinder is a mixture of gasoline and air,

The diesel engine sucks in the air in the air.

At the end of the compression stroke, the diesel engine compresses the sucked gas into a smaller volume, higher pressure and higher temperature than the gasoline engine.

In the power stroke, the gasoline engine uses spark plugs to generate spark ignition fuel. Thediesel engine is at the end of the compression stroke,

From the nozzle to the cylinder sprayed with diesel fuel, misty diesel encountered high temperature hot air immediately burn.

In thediesel engine, to promote the work of the piston gas pressure than the gasoline engine is greater, more efficient.

Gasoline engine efficiency is 26-40%, diesel engine efficiency is 34-45%.

As the daily use of the fuel itself, the highest energy density of diesel, liquefied natural gas than nearly 1 times higher than gasoline more than 10%.

In addition, the diesel engine also has the characteristics of low speed torque.To sum up, the diesel engine is more efficient than the gasoline engine

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