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What Is The Difference Between Turbocharger And Gasoline Engine Turbocharger?

The biggest advantage of the turbocharger is that it can increase the power and torque of the engine without increasing the engine displacement. Generally speaking, the power and torque of the engine after adding the supercharger are increased by 20% ~ 30%. The disadvantage of the turbocharger is the hysteresis, that is, due to the inertia of the impeller on the throttle suddenly slow response, so that the engine delay increases or reduces the output power, which for the sudden acceleration or overtaking of the car, the moment will A little mention of the feeling

Previously, turbochargers were mostly used in diesel engines, and now some gasoline engines also use turbochargers, because the gasoline and diesel combustion is not the same, so the engine using the form of turbocharger is also different

Gasoline engine is different from the diesel engine, it is not the air into the cylinder, but the mixture of gasoline and air, the pressure is too large easy to deflagration.Therefore, the installation of turbocharger must avoid deflagration, which involves two related issues, one is High temperature control, the other is the ignition time control.

After the turbocharged, the temperature and pressure of the gasoline engine are increased and the deflagration tends to increase. In addition, the exhaust temperature of the gasoline engine is higher than that of the diesel engine, and it is not advisable to increase the valve overlap angle ) Way to strengthen the cooling of the exhaust, reduce the compression ratio will cause the combustion is not sufficient.Also, the gasoline engine speed than the diesel engine, air flow changes, it is likely to cause turbocharger reaction lag.For gasoline engine turbo The emergence of a series of problems, engineers have made a targeted one by one to make the gasoline engine can also use exhaust turbocharger

Turbocharger suction air by the compression temperature increased, in the flow and the intake pipe wall friction will be further increased, so not only affect the inflation efficiency, but also prone to deflagration.Therefore, to reduce the intake air temperature of the device, which Is the intercooler, which is installed between the outlet of the turbocharger and the intake pipe to cool the air entering the cylinder The intercooler is like a radiator, cooled by air or water, and the heat of the air passes through l It is reported that the performance of a good intercooler not only can make the engine compression ratio can maintain a certain value without the occurrence of deflagration, while reducing the temperature can also improve the intake pressure, and further improve the engine's effective power.

As the gasoline engine speed range, air flow changes, so turbocharger compression impeller shape is a complex three-dimensional surface of ultra-thin-walled impeller, generally 12 to 30 leaves, was arranged in a radial curve, leaf thickness in the 0.5 mm or less, the use of aluminum with special casting method. Blade shape of the pros and cons directly affect the performance of the turbocharged engine. Impeller shape angle more reasonable, the lighter the quality, the more sensitive the start of the impeller, turbocharger Of the natural defects "lagging behind" the smaller.

In addition to reducing the temperature to reduce the possibility of deflagration, but also the use of deflagration sensor, its role is to produce deflagration, the sensor is not normal vibration will immediately feedback information to the engine ECU (electronic control unit) control system, Timing slightly delayed, do not produce deflagration when the normal return to the normal timing.

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