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What Are The Different Characteristics Of Diesel Generator Sets In Different Areas?

In our daily life, the power outage may not be rare, but the power failure will give us the impact of normal life, when the diesel generator as a backup power can be a good solution to this problem for you, businesses, units, etc. Also, China's diesel generator in the field of application mainly for the vehicle diesel generators, marine diesel generators, agricultural diesel generators, engineering machinery with diesel generators, in different applications, play a different role, with different characteristics The

In addition, in addition to most of the fire and rescue vehicles and ambulances equipped with diesel generators, post and telecommunications systems, high-rise buildings, entertainment venues, road construction, important communication facilities, nuclear power plants, hospitals, industrial factories, hotels and office buildings The standby emergency diesel generator set.

Diesel generator sets are closely related to the technological development and level of diesel generators, and diesel generators are often important to measure and evaluate the performance of diesel generators.

As the daily use of maintenance and regular work is mainly diesel engines, so the excellent performance of diesel generators is a solid foundation for modern generators.

The strengthening of the power of the intake system, fuel supply system, piston group and crankshaft link material properties should be continuously improved and improved, which its production process level also put forward higher requirements.

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