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Wear Characteristics Of Connecting Rod Journal And Connecting Rod

Connecting rod journal and bearing radial wear is not uniform,

The crankshaft of the engine in the rotation of the connecting rod journal on the direction of the comprehensive force by the impact of the bulkhead centrifugal force,

In a working cycle, most of its resultant force concentrates on the side facing the centerline of the main journal,

So that the amount of wear inside the larger.

Uneven wear causes the connecting rod journal to form a certain in the radial direction,

The ellipticity is larger than the ellipticity of the main journal wear.

Connecting rod journal and bearing wear into a conical phenomenon is not common,

Because the connecting rod journal lubricating oil is tilted,

And there are mechanical impurities in the oil channel,

In the crankshaft rotation process lubricating oil in the mechanical impurities will be with the lubricating oil into the connecting rod journal and bearingbetween,

Due to the influence of centrifugal force, the accumulation of mechanical impurities on one side of the wear will be larger.

In addition, the use of large-end structure of the asymmetric connecting rod because of its connecting rod journal load distribution is not uniform,

After wear will become a cone;

The use of symmetrical large-end structure of the connecting rod, if the bending will also cause the same consequences.

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