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Technical Progress Of Diesel Engine

Two - stroke diesel engine working principle

Two-stroke diesel engine work and the principle is: the first stroke,

the piston from the bottom dead center to the top of the point of movement.

When the piston is at the bottom dead center, the exhaust valve and the air inlet are opened, 

the compressed air in the scavenging chamber enters the cylinder and rushes to the exhaust valve, 

which produces the effect of removing the exhaust gas, New air.

When the piston moves from the bottom dead center to the top dead center, 

the air intake is first closed by the piston, 

and then the exhaust valve is closed and the air is compressed in the cylinder.

The second stroke, the piston from the top dead center to the bottom point of movement.

Before the piston reaches the top dead center, 

the injector injects fuel into the combustion chamber,

The high temperature generated by the compressed air immediately ignites the atomized fuel

 and the pressure generated by the combustion, 

pushing the piston down until the exhaust valve is opened again.

After the combustion of the exhaust gas in the internal 

and external pressure difference under the action of their own from the exhaust valve discharge.

 When the air intake is opened by the piston, the cylinder and scavenging process.

Two-stroke internal combustion engine ventilation, the number of residual gas in the cylinder, 

or the number of fresh air can be filled into the cylinder,

 a direct impact on internal combustion engine performance.

Two-stroke internal combustion engine without a separate exhaust stroke and intake stroke, 

can not use the piston's role in the removal of exhaust gas, to clean the cylinder more difficult, 

it is difficult to get high scavenging quality.

Therefore, it is an important task to improve the scavenging effect of the two-stroke internal combustion engine.

Two-stroke internal combustion engine mainly cross-flow, reflux and DC three scavenging way.


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