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Routine Maintenance Procedures For Diesel Generators

1, regular inspection and replacement generator sets of diesel filters and oil filters;

2, regular cleaning check the intake filter, and in a fixed cycle to replace (or according to the site conditions and intake air permeability of the filter to replace);

3, regularly check and clean the battery terminal, to keep the terminal clean;

4, regularly check the battery charge status, to ensure a good charging effect;

5, regularly check the state of the fan belt to ensure that no damage and in the normal tightness;

6, regularly check the status of coolant to ensure that meet the requirements;

7, regular inspection or replacement of diesel engine oil to ensure that the oil level is normal;

8, winter cold season to ensure that the unit preheating device to work properly in order to start the generator when the need to start normally;

9, each time before the boot check the fuel tank fuel, keep full of state;

10, regular cleaning of the outer surface of the generator dust and other dirt;

11, such as water-cooled unit, but also regularly check the circulating cooling water system (water pump, water, etc.) is normal, the control system is normal.

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