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Reasons And Treatment Of Diesel Engine Speed

Diesel engine speed refers to the speed out of control, much higher than the rated speed, the engine violent vibration, issued a roar, exhaust pipe smoke a large number of black smoke or blue smoke failure phenomenon. Speed not only cause damage to parts, but also endanger the personal safety of the hand, should cause the crew to attach great importance. Causing diesel engine speed for many reasons, but basically divided into two categories: First, fuel for the super supply; Second, channeling machine oil. Although the two kinds of speed performance for the diesel engine speeding operation, but the specific performance of the difference. When the diesel engine is running, the exhaust pipe will take the blue smoke, then only the oil supply can not be effectively stopped and must be cut off at the same time. Air supply and rapid decompression to stop.

1, the reasons for diesel engine speed (1) diesel fuel caused by super-diesel reasons: ① plunger adjustment arm or rod adjustment arm ball head does not enter the adjustment fork groove, the plunger in the maximum fuel supply position. ② pump plunger rotation is not working. This is a common cause of diesel engines. Plunger in the maximum fuel supply position, the governor pull fixed, so that the speed increases, the governor can not achieve the role of oil control. Caused by the plunger rotation is not the reason: the assembly when the plunger was bumped; oil pump inside the dirt, so that impurities into the plunger of the gap; out of the valve seat when the torque is too tight, resulting in deformation of the plunger sleeve; The plunger sets the screw on the set screw too thin, the positioning screw against the plunger sleeve, so that deformation; plunger sleeve positioning screw is too long or curved, the top of the plunger when the assembly. ③ After the injector wear a large number of access to the intake pipe back to the oil was sucked into the cylinder, resulting in excessive fuel tank. ④ install the governor, the ball coated with butter too much, and the butter is too thick, resulting in the speed of the ball when the ball is difficult to fly. ⑤ tooth ring ring no mark or installed wrong, plunger installed anti. ⑥ injection pressure is low, the supply of fuel tank excess. ⑦ rod and governor moving parts stuck. ⑧ improper debugging improper. The reason is: the machine hand intended to improve the single-cylinder diesel engine speed spring preload; Ⅱ pump governor of the role of the point is too high, resulting in high oil speed or can not stop oil; governor lubricants or viscosity The (2) caused by diesel engine diesel engine reasons: ① air filter oil too much, was sucked into the cylinder. ② oil pan too much oil, fleeing into the cylinder when working. ③ crankcase ventilation holes blocked, increased pressure, so that oil was pressed into the combustion chamber. ④ horizontal diesel engine serious tilt, so that oil into the valve room, when the valve and valve duct gap is too large when the oil was sucked into the combustion chamber. ⑤ severe wear of the piston ring, cylinder liner gap is too large, or piston ring opening alignment, a lot of oil fleeing into the combustion chamber. ⑥ oil is too thin, it is easy to flee into the combustion chamber. Cause the oil is too thin for the reasons: diesel oil into the oil pan; diesel engine temperature is too high; oil quality does not meet the requirements. ⑦ oil ring and the piston on the oil hole plug, so that oil fleeing into the combustion chamber.

2, the timing of the occurrence of diesel engine speed usually on the diesel engine, especially the pump governor must be in accordance with technical requirements for installation, maintenance, commissioning, the fuel should be clean and the correct brand. In the event of a train failure, the operator should be sober, should immediately shut down the throttle and fuel tank switch, release the high pressure tubing connection nut, cover the air filter air inlet, decompression shutdown. What kind of measures to take the most simple and effective, depending on the specific structural characteristics of the diesel engine, the operator should be aware of the number. Here are two examples of how to stop the speed. (1) 105 series diesel engine when the phenomenon of speed, should be used to stop the oil pipeline to stop the way to force the safe parking. The specific approach is: quickly by hand high-pressure cylinder hand crank counterclockwise turn around 180. , So that the high-pressure pump tappet lift, the gas transmission mechanism with the camshaft power cut off, forcing the high-pressure cylinder to stop the fuel, the diesel engine can quickly and safely stop. Such as the use of cutting off the way to stop it, the effect is not good, because the air filter is not on the side of the instrument panel, and the air distribution in the air filter casing shell wall, not easy to block The (2) 485 diesel engine when the speed of action, the measures taken: the diesel engine decompression, plug the intake pipe, turn the pump on the parking arm, turn off the fuel pipe switch or pull off the tubing and other methods, cut off the fuel supply. Particular emphasis is placed on the phenomenon of diesel engine, the absolute ban on reducing or removing the load of diesel engines, so as to avoid a sharp increase in speed. Safe parking, the timely analysis of the reasons for the speed, troubleshooting, to prevent the phenomenon of flying again. If the diesel enginerunning when the phenomenon of flying, but also should be depressing the brake so that the engine hold the fire, but it is strictly prohibited to depress the clutch pedal.

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