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Present Situation And Development Of Diesel Engine Technology At Home And Abroad

First, the status of foreign diesel engine technology and the development of modern adjustment High-performance diesel engine due to thermal efficiency than gasoline engine, pollutant emissions less than gasoline, as the application of automotive power is increasingly widespread. Western European countries not only use trucks and buses using diesel engines, but also the proportion of cars using diesel engines is also quite large. Recently, the US Federal Ministry of Energy and the three major US auto companies, represented by the American Automobile Research Institute Council is developing a new generation of economic cars also diesel engine as a dynamic configuration. After years of research, a large number of new technology applications, the biggest problem of diesel engine smoke and noise made a major breakthrough, reached the level of gasoline engines. The following are some of the advanced technology of foreign diesel engine applications: (A) common rail and four-valve technology Foreign diesel engine is currently commonly used common rail technology, four-valve technology and turbocharged cold technology combined to make the engine performance and emission limits In order to achieve better results, to meet the requirements of the European three emission limits. Four-valve structure (two intake two exhaust) not only can improve the efficiency of the inflatable, but also because the nozzle can be arranged in the middle of the porous oil evenly distributed for the good mix of fuel and air to create the conditions; the same time, The inlet of the cylinder head is designed to have two separate structures with the same shape to achieve variable eddy currents. The coordination of these factors can greatly improve the quality of the mixed gas (quality), effectively reduce the smoke particles, HC and NOX emissions and improve thermal efficiency. (2) High-pressure injection and electronically controlled injection technology High-pressure jet and electronically controlled injection technology is one of the important measures to reduce diesel engine emissions abroad. The effective use of high-pressure injection and electronically controlled injection technology can make the fuel fully atomized. Fuel and air mixing to achieve the best, thereby reducing emissions, improve the machine (car) performance. (C) the use of turbocharged turbocharged diesel engine to increase the amount of air to improve the combustion of excess air factor is to reduce the large load conditions exhaust smoke, PM emissions and fuel consumption of effective measures. Effective air-air cooling system, can make the pressurized air temperature dropped to below 50 ℃, the working cycle temperature decreases contribute to the low emissions of NOX and PM decline, so the current heavy-duty vehicle diesel engines are generally pressurized Cold type, not only contribute to low emissions and fuel economy is good. In addition, the application of the turbine front exhaust bypass valve not only reduces PM and CO emissions, but also improves the transient performance and low speed torque of turbocharged diesel engines.

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