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Four-stroke Cycle

Four-stroke cycles, modern cars and industrial (automotive, truck, generator) internal combustion engines are mostly four-stroke cycle.

This technique was invented by the German scientist Nicolaus Otto in 1876, hence the Otto cycle.

The rotor engine has four similar cycles, but no stroke is used.

One cycle consists of four strokes, that is, four pistons in the cylinder in a straight line of linear motion:

Four stroke engine works

Intake (suction) stroke: thepiston falls, the mixture of gasoline and air, through one or more intake valve into the cylinder.

Compression stroke: The raised piston mixes the fuel and air while compressing it.

Power (ignition) Stroke: The mixture of fuel and air near the top of the compression stroke is ignited by the spark plug and the piston is pushed down.

Exhaust Stroke: The piston rises and discharges the flared exhaust gas through one or more exhaust valves.

The four-stroke engine is much more efficient than two strokes. But requires a lot of removable parts and higher manufacturing technology.

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