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Failure Analysis And Improvement Measures Of Diesel Engine Combined Piston

.1 ring groove is not normal wear and tear

Steel Pole Pistons in the operation of the piston ring often appear strict

Heavy wear situation, especially the freight car is more prominent, the main reason

There must be: First, the piston ring and the cylinder liner is not good match, so life too

short. With the extension of the overhaul interval, especially the laser quenching cylinder

Sets of use, so that the paired with the piston ring is not wearable, the piston ring

Late into the violent wear and tear stage, the piston ring group has not been normal closure

Gas, oil control, oil consumption increased significantly, so that will make the piston ring,

Piston ring groove and cylinder liner wear violently. In addition, air and oil filter

The filter effect is poor, the oil is not required to replace the oil inside

Abrasive too much, overhaul interval is too long, the engine high speed, heavy load,

Diesel engine operating conditions deteriorate, fuel injector bad, burning quality

Poor are all factors that accelerate the piston ring groove, cylinder liner and piston ring wear

2.2 piston top cracking

Piston top cracking is mainly due to repeated changes in diesel engine load

And the resulting thermal stress cycle, the cylinder combustion pressure periodically changes

And the resulting mechanical stress cycle, the piston top surface of the high temperature, as well

Steel roof and aluminum skirt assembly gap caused by improper additional stress and other factors

The results of the combined effect.

2.3 piston skirt failure

Piston skirt damage is generally high-speed, heavy-duty high-power firewood

Oil machine running more than ten million or twenty thousand kilometers after the emergence of this

Some of the damaged parts and shapes are regular. Some cracks originate from live

Plug the bolt sink hole U-shaped groove on the inside of the piston pin near the transition fillet

At which the piston skirt is broken when the crack extends horizontally;

The elastic sleeve hole wall and the connecting rod head on the bolt hole of the inner and outer plug

There is also a crack in the fillet at the bottom of the pit. The result is damaged

Cylinder liner, cylinder head, connecting rod, and even hurt the crankshaft and the body, endanger the line

Car safety and cause significant economic losses. Through the damage to the piston skirt

The macroscopic and microscopic analysis shows that the piston skirt is broken and belongs to the machine

Stress-induced fatigue damage. Piston skirt damaged parts of the piston skirt

The weak links, such as the piston skirt pin seat area, especially the bolt under wear

Type combination piston skirt pin area strength due to bolt holes and greatly cut

weak. The arrangement of the bolt hole position is limited and the piston skirt is U-shaped

The groove formed a high stress concentration area. Piston Skirt Punch Seat Face U

Shaped groove root processing quality is poor, sharp or cutting surface rough and

The formation of tearing the gap, is another important reason for cracking damage. In addition,

Piston skirt quality and performance, eutectic silicon aluminum alloy Si phase and metal

The size of the compound phase and the distribution of the state, have a direct impact on the piston skirt

Of the fatigue strength

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