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Engine OHV

Engine camshaft layout divided into OHC (overhead camshaft) and OHV (end of camshaft) both. Japanese and European auto makers favor overhead camshaft design; end of camshaft, which normally sees only on American cars. OHC (overhead camshaft), has now been divided into SOHC (single overhead camshaft) and DOHC (double overhead camshaft). 

Single overhead camshaft is relying on a camshaft to control intake and exhaust valve opening and closing. Usually single overhead is in line with the two-valve engine design, due to the two-valve engine with intake and exhaust efficiency was lower than valve, the valve angle layout limitations. Dual overhead camshafts to optimize these problem, because a camshaft controlled only a set of valves (intake or exhaust valve), valve rocker arm is omitted, simplifying between camshaft and valve drive mechanism. In General, double overhead camshaft due to low transmission parts, intake and exhaust efficiency is high, more suitable for the dynamic performance of the engine at high speed. For the Japanese, European makers of high power, camshaft overhead design is certainly the most fitting.

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