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Diesel Operating Rules

First, pre-operation check and start

  1. Check the oil, diesel, cooling water level. 2. Check whether the external components are loose and damaged. 3. Remove the water from the oil-water separator every five days and check that the electrolyte is sufficient. 4. When starting, hang the neutral or separate the clutch. It is not allowed to start the starter for a long time, no more than 10 seconds each time. Continuous start, the interval should be more than 30 seconds. Three consecutive times to start, should identify the cause. 5. Diesel engine, the rapid operation of 3-5 minutes, not thunder throttle, a turbocharger should pay attention to prevent the lack of lubrication and damage to the booster device. 6. After the diesel engine starts, should check whether the oil pressure in the specified range, whether the charge, the machine is abnormal. Water temperature of 40 degrees or more can work with load

  2. Second, the job requirements 1. Operation process, should pay attention to listen to the mechanical parts of the sound, found abnormal, identify the cause, troubleshooting. 2. During the operation, it is found that when the temperature of the internal combustion engine is too high, it is strictly forbidden to pour the cold water into the water tank or pour the cold water into the internal combustion engine. Need to open the tank cover, the operator should wear gloves, and pay attention to escape the water tank mouth, beware of burns.

  3. Third, after the operation of the Notes 1. Before shutdown, should unload the load, the speed of operation, and then shut the throttle. Turbocharger equipped with a diesel engine, after the operation of emergency 5-10 minutes before stopping. 2. Long-term storage of diesel engines, the battery should be removed, special custody. 3. Winter, should be added antifreeze or pay attention to water, to prevent the body of frozen. 4. Replace the filter cartridge on time. 5. After each work, should be promptly check the maintenance of the engine.

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