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Diesel Maintenance

1, routine maintenance of routine maintenance items and maintenance procedures

Maintenance items to carry out the program to check the fuel tank oil to observe the amount of fuel tank fuel tank, 

according to the need to foot foot check oil pan oil surface oil surface should reach the oil scale on the mark mark, insufficient, 

should be added to the provisions of the amount of fuel injection pump  

The oil level of the governor oil should reach the mark on the scale of the oil

Check the three leaks (water, oil, gas) to eliminate the oil, water pipe joints and other sealing surface of the oil spill, water leakage;

Elimination of gold, exhaust pipe, cylinder head gasket and turbocharger leak phenomenon

 Check the installation of the accessories of the diesel engine, including the stability of the installation of the attachment, 

the anchor screw and the working machine connected to the reliability of the instrument to check whether the reading is normal, 

or should be promptly repaired or replaced Check the fuel pump drive connection plate connection screws Loose, 

otherwise you should re-inject the fuel advance angle and tighten the connection screw

Cleaning of diesel engines and ancillary equipment appearance with dry cloth or diesel oil wiping to the fuselage, turbocharger, cylinder head cover, air filter and other surface grease, water and dust; with compressed air blowing point Generators, heat sinks, fans and other dust on the surface.

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