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Diesel Engine Speed Problem

1500 rpm and 1800 rpm diesel engine is the essential difference? 

What is the difference between them and what is the change?

The maximum speed or economic speed, but generally through the fuel to change,

All the high-pressure pump has a maximum speed limit, to the speed of the pump will stop the oil,

The speed of thediesel engine will not rise. The higher the speed the engine needs the higher the manufacturing accuracy.

And the manufacture and design of diesel engines

Oil can change the speed, but then the oil will not change their maximum speed,

This is a relationship with the design of the !!

Is through the high-pressure pump behind the governor to control the size of the fuel supply, indirectly affect the engine speed.

If it is a generator set, it is more simple, just adjust the position of the throttle handle can be set to the speed of the rated speed of any speed.

Generator oil pump governor throttle handle is not the size of the control oil, but the control speed high end,

It is a full-speed governor, you can hold the rated speed for a long time any speed.

  The same diesel engine speed can only rely on the throttle to control

Diesel engine speed can be changed by changing the fuel injection of high-pressure pump to its speed from idle to rated speed changes,

But the lower the speed, the smaller the power emitted.

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