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Diesel Engine Fuel System And Exhaust Method

Diesel fuel system due to lack of oil or oil leakage, tight lax, will make air from the oil spill into the fuel pipe to produce bubbles, the formation of air resistance. Affect the uniformity of fuel supply, resulting in diesel engine start difficult, lack of power or unstable operation, and even can not start and other issues. Conventional exhaust method is to use a screwdriver or wrench to spray the pump on both sides of the top of any exhaust plug loosening a few laps, hand pressure hand pump to discharge the diesel continuous, smooth without bubbles, issued a "creak" Sound so far, with these methods, the air is not easy to drain, or after the net will enter the air

1, the tank to the pump tubing somewhere leak air has great compressibility and flexibility in the fuel pump is higher than the fuel tank diesel fuel system, when the tank to the oil pump tubing or tubing joints somewhere penetrating Scissors, cracks or joints are not tightened, the working force in the pump under the action of the air from the leak into the oil into the road, thereby reducing the vacuum inside the pipeline, so that fuel tank fuel suction weakened , And even the occurrence of drying, so that the air can not be ruled out, then you can remove the oil pump into the oil connector, to the tubing blowing, if there is oil or gas, to be ruled out, you can also indirectly in the oil A transparent tubing, in the pump oil when the transparent tubing to observe the flow of oil, to determine the fault before the transparent tubing or transparent tubing, to narrow the scope of the fault, and gradually be excluded. Third, the diesel fuel injection pump bleed plug began to discharge a large number of bubbles in the oil flow, and in the repeated pressure after the pump, the bubble still disappeared, you can determine the oil tank to the pump section of the negative pressure oil exist. Should be removed from the pipeline, and then pass the pressure of gas, and placed in the water, find out where the bubble, that is, where the leak. In addition, the exclusion process should pay attention to check the fuel tank is broken and the fuel tank is lack of oil.

2, hand pump piston wear excessive hand pump piston wear excessive, the work process, the air from the side of the piston fleeing into the oil, you can use the following methods to check: remove the hand pump, with your fingers to block the bottom of the hand pump Connector hole, taps Hand pump handle, such as the fingers feel the suction is very small, indicating that the piston wear is too large, the seal is not good, should be repaired or replaced. After the repair of the hand pump, in the case of oil without tubing, the speed of 2-3 times / S reciprocating taps hand pump handle, in 1min should be able to oil level in the oil inlet 1m below the oil sent to the port At the same time require the pump should not have bubbles, or should be re-maintenance. In use must also be noted that after each pump should be hand pump handle tightened to prevent air intrusion and reduce the piston wear.

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