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Diesel Engine Combustion Process

1 ignition period (AB segment) from the fuel into the cylinder to the pressure line from the compression pressure line began to sharply increase this section of the pre-burning time.  The temperature is too long, the pressure rise rate and the highest combustion pressure are high, the diesel engine is working violently.  The retardation period is too short, the diffusion combustion increases, and the diesel engine performance and particle discharge are deteriorated.

2 premixed combustion period of the BC stage diesel engine premixed combustion period near the top dead center, the pressure rise rate. Forming a first peak exothermic.

3 Smoke Burst Phase CD Diesel Engine Diffusion Burning Period  Cylinder temperature and pressure are high and diffusion burning speed is fast.  Cylinder working volume is increasing, cylinder pressure change is slow.  The retardation period corresponds to the second peak of the exothermic curve.

4 after the burning period DE section of a small amount of diesel after the subsequent combustion  too thick mixture of unburned fuel, tail spray fuel, soot burning. Expansion of the middle and late, the expansion ratio is low, less power.  increase the temperature and cooling to the cooling water loss, so that the engine heat load increases, the economy decreased.

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