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Cause Of Engine Crankshaft Fracture

1, crankshaft journal at both ends of the fillet is too small.

2, crankshaft spindle axis offset.

3, the crankshaft of the cold contest is too large.

4, flywheel loose.

5, the crankshaft itself is poor quality.

6, the main bearing different shaft.

7, crankshaft assembly gap is too large.

8, the oil supply time is too early or uneven cylinder oil.

9, bad crankshaft lubrication.

10, the operation has not been made crankshaft fracture.

In order to prevent crankshaft break, in the maintenance can take the following measures:

First of all, before repairing thecrankshaft

it is necessary to carefully check whether the crankshaft cracks, 

pay special attention to rounded corners, if the crack axis should be scrapped.

When grinding the journal, 

make the journal and crank arm to maintain a certain radius of the fillet, 

must not be arbitrarily reduced fillet radius size,

should pay attention to fillet parts of the surface finish, 

otherwise it will cause stress concentration, leaving thecrankshaft fracture

Second, the journal size wear limit, 

you should try to use the impact of journal strength less effective way to be restored,

Such as the use of sputtering method to reduce the axial fatigue strength is less, 

and the use of surfacing recovery, 

the fatigue strength decreased significantly.

Then, the journal and the bearing with the gap and the gap should be in accordance with the standard,

the gap is too large, easy to damage due to impact crankshaft, 

the gap is too small may be due to the shaft and broken crankshaft.

In terms of assembly, the ignition time to be accurate, not too early or retreat,

pay attention to the crankshaft, flywheel and clutch balance.

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