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Why use diesel turbines for turbochargers?

Because the diesel engine used for trucks, construction machinery and a few high-end private car above. These cars are demanding the power of the engine. The turbocharging technology is the diesel engine to enhance the power of the most direct and effective technology. So the use of turbocharger diesel engine.

Turbocharged (Turbo Boost), is a use of internal combustion engine (Internal Combustion Engine) operation of the production of exhaust gas-driven air compressor (Air-compressor) technology.

The main role of turbocharging is to improve the engine intake, thereby increasing the engine power and torque, so that the car is more robust. An engine with turbocharger, the maximum power and not installed when the supercharger can be increased by 40% or even higher. This means that the same engine can produce greater power after pressurization. Take our most common 1.8T turbocharged engine, after pressurization, the power can reach 2.4L engine level, but the fuel consumption is not much higher than the 1.8L engine, at the other level is to improve Fuel economy and reduced emissions.

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