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The basic composition of the diesel engine

I The main fixed parts of the main components of the diesel engine out of the base, rack, cylinder and cylinder head and other components, for small and medium-sized diesel engines often made of cylinder block and the rack called the body, and by the light oil pan instead of the base The These constitute the skeleton of the diesel engine, support the moving parts and its auxiliary system.

2. The main moving parts of the main parts of the diesel engine by the piston, connecting rod components and crankshaft, for large low-speed two-stroke diesel engine and cross head components. Piston and cylinder and cylinder head to form a combustion chamber to ensure that the diesel engine work process, while the piston through the reciprocating motion of the piston into the crankshaft rotary motion, so that the power of the gas to push the piston through the crankshaft to turn out the way out.

3. Valve train and ventilation system Valve mechanism by the inlet and exhaust valves, valve drive mechanism, camshaft and camshaft transmission mechanism. The intake and exhaust system consists of an air filter, an intake and exhaust pipe and a muffler, and a supercharger and air cooler for the supercharged diesel engine. Their role is in accordance with the needs of the work cycle, regularly to the cylinder to provide 

4. Fuel system The fuel system consists of a fuel supply system and a fuel injection system. Fuel supply system is to meet the requirements of the fuel flow unimpeded delivery to the fuel pump pump population. The system is usually composed of five basic components by installation and measurement, storage, barging, and purification. Fuel injection system consists of fuel injection pump, injector and high pressure tubing, its role is to regularly and quantitatively into the combustion chamber spray atomized good fuel to ensure the combustion process.

5. Lubrication system The role of the lubrication system is to clean the lubricating oil to the movement of the diesel engine friction parts, play a friction, cooling, cleaning, sealing and anti-rust effect, to ensure the normal work of the diesel engine. For large low-speed two-stroke diesel engine is usually composed of cylinder oiling system and crankcase oil system composed of two parts, and for small and medium-sized diesel engine only crankcase oil system, also known as the oil system.

6. Cooling system The cooling system consists of a pump, a cooler and a thermostat. Marine diesel engines are usually in fresh water and oil as a coolant in the machine flow, the heat absorbed by the heat transfer parts to ensure that parts have a normal working temperature. While fresh water and oil itself are cooled by sea water.

7. Start and control system Starting system is driven by the external force crankshaft rotation, and to a certain speed, to achieve the first diesel engine fire burning, from the static into the working state. According to the different diesel engine, the starting system can be divided into two categories: one is to help the crankshaft by means of external torque, such as human hand start, motor start and gas motor starting; the other is by adding the external force on the piston Push the piston movement to rotate the crankshaft, such as compressed air.

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