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Processing method under high temperature condition of engine

When the engine has a high temperature fault, especially at high speed and heavy load, please do not turn off the flame immediately. Remove the load and keep the idle speed. Wait until the engine water temperature warning light goes out and then turn off the flame to check and repair.

When the engine is at high temperature, the cylinder block, cylinder head, piston, piston ring and other components are in a high temperature environment. The parts are in an expanded state, and the matching clearance is small. If the flame is turned off at this time, some soft metal will fall off. Will cause sticking to the cylinder.

For a turbocharged engine, the impeller inside the turbocharger is rotating at a speed of 10,000 rpm. The bearing of this impeller is lubricated and cooled by the engine oil. If the flame is turned off immediately, the engine's oil pump stops working, and the turbocharger's impeller will continue to rotate at high speed with inertia. If there is no oil to lubricate and cool the impeller bearing, the turbocharger will be damaged.

If the engine is found to have a high temperature fault during operation, it is forbidden to cool the engine block and cylinder head with cold water. This practice may cause the engine block to burst due to quenching, resulting in irreparable consequences.


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