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Engine cylinder pad replacement method

When the engine cylinder pad is damaged or closed, the engine will not work properly and must be replaced immediately. The specific steps are as follows:

1, remove the valve compartment cover and pad.

2, remove the valve arm assembly, remove the valve putter.

3, in accordance with the symmetry from the ends to the middle of the order of three times gradually release and remove the cylinder head bolts, remove the cylinder head and cylinder pad.

4, clear the cylinder block, cylinder head joint surface of the drill.

5, the new cylinder pad smooth side or flanging a wide side toward the cylinder block. If the cast iron cylinder block, aluminum cylinder head when the opposite.

6, the installation of cylinder head should first use the positioning bolt to the cylinder head positioning. When the other cylinder head bolts are tightened by hand, remove the positioning bolts and install the cylinder head bolts.

7, with a torque wrench and disassembly in reverse of the order of 2-3 times gradually tightened to the standard torque.

8, according to the original position to install the valve stem, the valve arm assembly. After checking the valve clearance, install the packing and the valve compartment cover.

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