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Diesel engine power is insufficient

2, the engine power shortage mainly refers to the conditions in the calibration speed, heavy load or full load operation, continue to smoke black smoke, unstable speed.

2.1 diesel engine power shortage reasons.

2.1.1 low pressure oil

Poor road

2.1.2 governor failure;

2.1.3 insufficient intake, exhaust exhaustive;

2.1.4 fuel fuel consumption reduction;

2.1.5 fuel spray bad;

2.1.6 fuel supply advance angle is not accurate;

2.1.7 insufficient compression force;

2.1.8 assembly process, the movement with the gap is too small, the resistance increases.

2.2 diesel engine power shortage fault diagnosis:

2.2.1 First observe whether the diesel engine can reach the rated power speed, the maximum speed is marked with the factory nameplate marked speed, if necessary, adjust the fuel pump on the maximum speed limit screw. When the calibration speed, no load and the general load of the case, smoke normal, and at full capacity when the speed is unstable, black smoke constantly, there may be speed control spring weakened, then the first fuel injection pump governor Remove the use of contrast to check the strength of the spring. The spring is too weak to replace the new pieces. In addition, the fuel supply is poor, there are more than the phenomenon, such as fuel injection pump on the one-way return valve spring break, the ball is not sealed, so that the fuel can not be fully supplied plunger. In addition, the cause of the failure listed in the above (1.3.5) entry may cause the diesel power to be insufficient.

2.2.2 When the diesel engine lack of skill, according to the fault characteristics of the diesel engine to analyze the cause of the malfunction. Usually diesel engine power shortage often appear exhaust smoke color is not normal, abnormal sound and other phenomena, so according to these fault characteristics of the reasons for the lack of diagnostic power.

2.2.3 white smoke: burning temperature is too low to produce water vapor precipitation. Such as fuel in the water, so that the combustion temperature is reduced; low fuel quality or against other oil; use does not meet the requirements of the fuel. Encountered in the fuel in the water, the first fuel from the fuel pump, diesel filter fuel tank to let go in the container full precipitation, remove the water to re-use; if the fuel turbidity is unclear, and smell, indicating abnormal oil , Do not meet the oil grade, put all the fuel pipeline in the diesel, after cleaning the fuel again. If the fuel quality is normal, white smoke continuous and thick, then pay attention to the following:

(1), cylinder head gasket ablation, damage, commonly known as "punching the cylinder pad (bed)", such as the broken position in the water chamber with the cylinder liner, the cooling water at its pressure difference (mainly in the diesel engine intake stroke instant) The role of the fleeing into the cylinder, resulting in white smoke, but also because of the role of diesel engine compression and work stroke, the fuel gas from the break into the cooling water chamber, so the cooling water will become oil black.

(2), hot and humid cylinder liner, cylinder head and other trachoma, crack failure and cylinder head fault characteristics are basically similar. Use the cylinder to break the oil method to determine the specific location.

(3), when the diagnosis is indeed no fault before the two, the diesel engine is still strong smoke white smoke, then the first method should be used to identify the specific failure of the tank, if the disappearance of white smoke after the cylinder is that the cylinder Of the compression pressure difference (in the injector work is normal) on the cylinder to produce white smoke may be due to: the tank seal bad; possible ring gluing, or serious wear, or ring break, resulting in serious mechanical wear liner. Valve with the body: the valve ablation serious leakage, the valve stem beam serious cause the valve can not seize the seal, the valve clearance is too small, the temperature increases after the valve closed or valve in the normally open state. Other parts of the reasons: related parts, such as

Piston pin wear, connecting rod copper lining wear, connecting rod wear,crankshaft journal (crankshaft pin) wear and tear, these parts in a single piece of serious wear and tear will make the piston neck from the crankshaft farther below the set The accumulation of these parts, such as machining size accumulation and wear, will cause the top of the piston to fall below the set top dead center, which reduces the compression ratio with the original set compression ratio.

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