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Diesel engine oil pump adjustment

1. The maximum fuel supply adjustment VE type fuel pumpfuel supply size is controlled by the plunger drain hole stroke length to adjust (commonly known as oil cut). The oil adjustment lever is rotatable about the fulcrum A fixed to the pump body (as shown in Figure 1) and the speed control lever is rotatable about the fulcrum B fixed to the oil adjustment lever. When the need to adjust the amount of fuel supply (such as calibration conditions of oil supply), you can release the lock nut, the oil adjustment screw out (to reduce the amount of oil) or screwed (increase the amount of oil).

2. Adjusting the governor After adjusting the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump, the governor must be adjusted to obtain the rated speed at the rated fuel supply, the maximum speed ("speed") and the minimum stable speed (Idle speed). ① the maximum speed limit screw adjustment - governor "speed" speed test; first pull the speed control arm to the bottom, so that the high-speed limit screw contact; and then check the engine rated speed when the oil supply is consistent with the engine fuel Of the requirements. And gradually increase the pump speed, so that it reaches the maximum limit (off oil) speed. At this time a single cylinder fuel supply is not greater than 1ml / 200 times. If the oil supply is greater than the specified value, the high-speed limit screw can be screwed in, the fuel supply can be reduced. ② idle screw adjustment - idle test: the adjustment arm completely relax, and touch the idle adjustment screw, the fuel pump to 250-300r / min speed operation (according to the engine idling requirements), the single cylinder fuel supply should be consistent Engine idling regulations. When the fuel injection pump is idle, if the fuel supply is below the specified value, the idling screw can be screwed in until it is properly adjusted.

3. Fuel injection timing adjustment Fuel injection pump at different speeds, the fuel injection mechanism ahead of the piston stroke should meet the requirements. When checking the piston stroke, remove the cover with the spring end and install a special measuring tool to measure the piston stroke. When the stroke of the piston does not reach the specified value, it can be adjusted or reduced correspondingly to the thickness of the gasket (at least one gasket should be installed at both ends of the spring). And then adjust the fuel injection timing, installed on the engine, you should first make the best fuel supply advance angle adjustment. The specific steps are as follows: ① first in the fuel pump drive shaft mounted transmission gear, and then make the pump cavity full of diesel, exhaust air, connected to the solenoid valve power. And then slowly turn the drive gear in the normal running direction. ② slow rotation of the engine, so that the first cylinder in the provisions of the best fuel supply angle position. ③ the fuel injection pump installed in the engine, so that the transmission gear and the engine on the corresponding drive gear meshing. CAUTION: Be careful in the assembly process to prevent the transmission gear of the fuel injection pump from rotating to ensure that the fuel injection pump starts to supply the correct position. ④ tighten the fastening nut on the fuel pump flange. ⑤ turn the engine crankshaft, carefully observe the fuel injection pump first cylinder to start the oil when the advance angle is in line with the provisions. If there is a deviation in the advance angle of the oil supply, it can be adjusted by turning the pump housing (rotating the pump housing in the direction of rotation of the pump). If the difference between the advance angle is greater, by turning the oil pump casing is not up to the provisions, you must remove the pump, re-adjust the transmission gear and pump drive shaft gear engagement position until the oil supply advance angle in line with regulations so far.

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