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Diesel Engine Lubrication System

1.1.1 Lubrication function 1. Lubrication: Lubricating oil can make the internal friction between the internal parts of the engine parts into a liquid friction to reduce the friction, wear and power loss on the surface of the parts. 2. Cooling: Lubricant through the friction surface, take the friction generated by 6% to 14% of the heat, to maintain the normal working temperature parts. 3. Cleaning: Lubricating the surface of the parts, taking parts of the wear and tear and other impurities, reduce the damage to the moving surface. 4. Seal: the use of lubricating oil viscosity, so that the surface of the moving parts attached to each other to improve the gap seal effect. In addition, there are lubricants to prevent the role of corrosion parts.

1.1.2 Lubrication lubrication method 1. Pressure lubrication Pressure lubrication is the use of oil pump will have a certain pressure of lubricating oil continuously sent to the friction surface of the parts to form a certain thickness and can withstand a certain mechanical load of oil film, as far as possible Separate the two friction parts to achieve reliable lubrication. 2. Splash Lubricant Splash Lubrication is the use of the engine work when some moving parts (mainly crankshaft and camshaft) when spinning or splashing from the bar on the bulk of the oil hole spray oil and oil mist, the friction Surface is lubricated in a way. 3. Regular lubrication (grease lubrication) for some less important, decentralized and difficult to implement liquid lubrication of the site, the use of regular filling grease lubrication. 4. Self-lubricating In recent years, some engines have used wear-resistant materials bearing (such as nylon, molybdenum disulfide, etc.) instead of filling grease bearings, this bearing in use without filling grease, so called Self-lubricating.

1.1.3 Lubricant Lubricant Lubricants (oil) and grease (butter) two. 1. Lubricating oil Our lubricating oil is divided into 6, 10, 15 and low condensate (thickening) 6D four grades, the lower the number, the lower the pour point of oil, low condensate (thickening) Lubricants can be used in cold areas around -30 ° C. Diesel engine lubricants are grades 8, 11, 14, 11D and 14D. Similarly, the lower the number, the lower the freezing point. At present, the American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is widely used to classify the engine lubricants. SAE viscosity grade is divided into summer oil and winter oil two (called single-stage oil). The number of winter oil after the addition of W, the lower the number of smaller viscosity, the lower the ambient temperature for the lower. If the winter oil and the number of oil used in summer together, then the winter and summer dual-use lubricants (multi-stage oil).

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