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Diesel engine emergency water pump maintenance points

① check the oil sump oil surface: check whether the oil level to reach the oil scale mark, insufficient should be added to the prescribed amount, but can not exceed the upper limit of the oil scale; plus diesel engine specifications (Great Wall CF-40) every 12 months / Times to replace, diesel filter every 12 months / time;

② check the pump oil filling point of the grease is sufficient: the diesel engine circulating pump on the grease nozzle removed to observe the inside of the grease is sufficient, such as the lack of application of the oil gun to add sufficient grease, filling the grease for the (Great Wall 1 # 3 # lithium grease) check once a week as the case of filling;

③ check the cooling water tank is sufficient: check the water tank should be added in time, add water should be clean fresh water, such as directly into the groundwater is likely to cause the formation of fouling tank, affecting the cooling effect caused by failure. When the ambient temperature is below zero, the antifreeze must be arranged according to the minimum temperature of the environment. The antifreeze is added to the antifreeze (ethylene glycol antifreeze 50-32) every 12 months / time, and in November, liquid;

④ check the fuel tank is sufficient: the fuel tank should always be sufficient to keep the fuel tank, can not be less than 50% of the tank volume, refueling should ensure that the exclusion of water and impurities; by adding diesel (-10 # -0 # diesel) diesel filter Every 12 months / time replacement

⑤ daily inspection of three leaks (water, oil, gas) situation: check the tubing, water pipe joints at the sealing surface and found that leakage should be immediately resolved, such as exhaust pipe, cylinder gasket at the supercharger loose or leak phenomenon, Should also be resolved in time;

⑥ check the battery situation: observe whether the shell cracking, bump, positive and negative posts are loose slip phenomenon. If the wet battery should also pay attention to observe the battery within the liquid solution, should be higher than the electrode surface 10 ~ 15mm;

⑦ every long time after the operation check: check the silencer and exhaustpipe, remove the carbon to prevent sparks, check the pump packing is necessary to wear and tear when necessary replacement;

⑧ check the installation of the annex to the diesel engine: the installation of the stability of the annex, anchor bolts and work machinery is firmly connected;

⑨ check the diesel engine drive plate: check the connection bolts are loose, if loose ahead of the fastening bolts;

⑩ Clean the diesel pump and accessories Equipment Appearance: Wipe the fuselage, cylinder cylinder cover, air cleaner and other surface grease, water and dust with a dry cloth or dip diesel cloth, purge the generator, radiator, fan with compressed air or fan Surface dust

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