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Diesel engine cylinder pad is what is the reason

Diesel engine cylinder pad rupture of the reasons are:

(1) Cylinder head bolts tightening torque is not enough, or tightening torque is not uniform. For the overall cylinder headand multi-cylinder a cover of the diesel engine, due to the cylinder head structure stiffness is poor, in order to avoid its deformation, the installation of cylinder headfastening bolts should be "from the center to the surrounding" in the order, respectively, Tighten; for a two-cylinder diesel engine, the cylinder head fastening bolts should be symmetrically tightened, and torque wrench to achieve the required torque.

As the expansion coefficient of the material is different, in order to prevent the expansion coefficient of the steel bolts after heating is greater than the expansion coefficient of the cast iron cylinder cap, the tightening of the iron cylinder shall be carried out after the diesel engine.

(2) cylinder head uneven. To prevent the cylinder headuneven phenomenon, repair the 0 level test platform coated with a thin layer of red oil, the cylinder head on the platform, before and after the left and right to move the cylinder head, and then flip it; check the cylinder head plane The uniformity of the attached reddish oil, if the cylinder head flat red oil evenly, then the cylinder head formation; if the cylinder part of the site without red oil, then the cylinder head flatness is poor, need to surface grinder Grind the entire plane. In general, the flatness of the bottom of the cylinder head error of more than 0.05mm, that should be grinding on the grinding machine, but the total grinding should not be greater than 0.20mm, grinding two adjacent cylinder head height difference should not be greater than 0.10mm The

(3) cylinder pad installed in the wrong direction. As the metal asbestos cylinder curl side of the curl side of a higher layer, with its contact with the plane will cause single-sided indentation deformation, so the curling should be easy to trim the contact surface or hard plane, for the cylinder, cylinder With the cast iron, curling should be toward the cylinder head; for the cylinder for the cast iron, the cylinder head for the aluminum alloy, curling should be toward the cylinder block.

(4) poor quality cylinder pad. As the cylinder pad contact with high temperature, high pressure gas and cooling water, easy to be abused in use, especially around the cylinder crimp, so the cylinder pad to be heat, corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, a certain degree of flexibility and thermal conductivity, Thus ensuring a reliable seal. Due to the current purchase channel confusion, and sometimes may purchase poor quality cylinder pad, and poor quality cylinder cushion material can not withstand high temperature and easy to deformation, which is caused by cylinder pad was washed an important reason.

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