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Diesel engine cylinder head processing technology

Cylinder head is one of the key components of diesel engine, it is part of the combustion chamber is the intake, exhaust channel, connected to a number of gas supply device. The cylinder head must ensure that these devices remain in the correct relative position and are capable of coordinating the work. So the quality of the cylinder head directly affect the performance of the machine and life, high technical requirements, the processing process is complex.

Due to the structural characteristics of the diesel engine and the function of the upper cylinder head in the diesel engine, the cylinder head of the diesel engine is characterized by complex structure, thin and uneven wall, internal cavity type; a number of precision require high plane and hole, There are more tightening screw holes and so on. Diesel engine head cylinder head is usually cast iron pieces. Because the gray cast iron has good wear resistance, shock absorption and the introduction

2 - good casting performance and cutting performance, the price is also cheaper. Sometimes in order to reduce the weight, with non-ferrous metal alloy casting box blank. In the production of small pieces of production, in order to shorten the production cycle is sometimes used welding rough. The casting method of the blank depends on the type of production and the size of the blank. In the small batch production, the use of wood mold hand shape; in mass production in the widely used metal mold machine modeling, rough high precision. Box on the hole is greater than 30-50mm, are generally cast out of the top hole to reduce the processing margin.

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