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Current Situation and Development of Diesel Engine Industry in China

China's diesel engine industry since the 20th century, 80 has been a rapid development, with a number of advanced models and the introduction of technology, the overall level of China's diesel engine has reached the level of the late 80s and early 90s, some foreign diesel engines in recent years Began to use the emission control technology in a small number of domestic diesel enginesalso have applications. The latest development and production of diesel engine products, the emission level has reached the EU 1 emission limit requirements, and some can even meet the EU 2 emission limit requirements. But the overall development of China's diesel engine industry is still facing many problems. (1) The output of heavy-duty diesel vehicles in China is increasing year by year. The pace of diesel and medium-sized and light-duty diesel engines is also accelerating, but the proportion of diesel vehicles is still zero in mini-cars and cars. On the other hand, China's medium-sized diesel engine market has shown oversupply, light diesel engine market also tend to saturation, but the backbone of the production of most products from a technical point of view

Is to eliminate the product, the development potential is not big

B) the lack of investment in the diesel engine industry, seriously hampered the level of production technology, scale development and self-development capacity. Now, China's diesel engine technology is weak, the overall technical level behind the international advanced level of 10 to 20 years, also lagged behind the development of domestic gasoline engine, do not have a complete new diesel engine products and key components development capabilities. Many of the technologies already adopted in foreign countries are still in the research stage in China, and some are still blank. 

(C) China's diesel engine technology backward, poor product quality and vehicle maintenance and maintenance measures ineffective, resulting in low-performance, high-emission diesel vehicles in the use of urban environment and atmospheric quality adverse effects, so that society has " The (D) poor quality diesel, diesel standard revision seriously lagging behind the needs of the development of the automotive industry, the development of diesel engine technology and a variety of new technologies to improve the application of diesel engine emissions obstacles. Experts have recently pointed out that we should gradually reduce administrative intervention and strengthen macroeconomic regulation and control. Different types of vehicles should meet the laws and regulations as a unified standard to encourage and support the use of advanced technology diesel vehicles; do a good job in the development of vehicle diesel engine comprehensive planning, step by step, to solve the technical level backward, incomplete products, To improve the quality of diesel engine products; to increase investment in science and technology of diesel engines, key scientific and technological projects to carry out research work; as soon as possible to establish and improve emissions and energy laws and regulations; as soon as possible the implementation of fuel tax, gasoline and diesel fuel tax should be At the same time, the implementation of high-quality fuel tax incentives; to take practical measures to improve the quality of diesel vehicles, and as soon as possible to develop vehicle diesel standards. Ministry of Science and Technology, China Internal Combustion Engine, China Society of Automotive Engineers, Volkswagen and domestic diesel engine manufacturers and other well-known domestic and foreign automotive experts called for: should be divided into two points of view to look at a variety of vehicle power development, , Scientific policy to guide the use of vehicles to meet the standard limits as a measure of whether a product can be sold in the market the only standard, effectively play a variety of vehicle power forms in different transport environment role. China's diesel engine technology research focus should be on the electronic control technology, post-discharge processing technology, machine development and matching technology and other key technology research and material development; improve diesel quality, for all types of diesel engine technology lay the foundation for the application; Highway use of more than 8 tons of diesel trucks as the focus of the development of China's diesel vehicles, diesel engines for the development of pre-prepared.

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