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Common Fault Analysis of Diesel Generating Set

First, the type of failure: In the 12V system, the controller in the process of repeated power-down; new barrier scene: the controller is quiet process, repeated electricity, special non-existent LCD implied screen controller (such as: MRS16 , AMF25, DES5220, etc.), suddenly in the process of starting the black screen, the end of the first screen and restore the display; failure of the results: because all the foot or start from the control system, have a normal working voltage range, For 8-32V, as used in the 12V system, the unit starts when the battery instantaneous voltage will drop to 9-10V right, if the battery charge has been drums or capacity is not enough, the instantaneous voltage can be less than 8V, so small Department of the master will show the continued maintenance of the scene. Failure to deal with: 1. immediately for the battery into the charge, to ensure its full capacity; 2. If the use of battery time has been more than two years or serious enough capacity, the proposed replacement of the battery; 3. If the battery capacity by checking the normal, start When the battery remote voltage is significantly lower than the battery remote voltage, the initiative to increase the output current in the master output capacitor (through a diode, parallel 2-3 50V / 2000UF capacitor), or indirectly from the battery wiring drop Supply the controller to do the current, to prevent the two lines of the voltage surplus occurred.

Second, the type of fault: generator magnetic fault Hidden image: the generator through a little less time after the busy release, the new boot has a switching voltage to win, measured from the input winding, the voltage between the "0" or less than "5VAC "Cause: generator less time does not have to lead to the factory exposed in the core of the remanence obtained, the excitation coil to establish more than the magnetic field should be, then the engine is running normally but no electricity, their phenomenon in the old machine , Stored in a humid environment or temporary unnecessary units. Fault handling: 1. Diesel generator from the output return to check, there is no way to attack the output line excitation excitation helpless to establish; 2. Magnetic excitation button click on the magnetic magnetization button. 3. With the excitation button, with the battery to its magnetization, the detailed way is not: a. With 12V song battery, back to the AVR board "XX" cross column, reverse pole power a diode connected to the AVR "X The following instructions are shown in the figure above: b. Starting from the new unit and recording from the vesting win voltage, when the voltage is on the verge of the extra voltage, or the AVR terminal P2-P3 between the voltage between 170-250V; c. Stop, continue to open the "X" and "XX" terminal battery-powered, old starter

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