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Code for safe operation of diesel generators

1,to open the fuel tank to the diesel fuel pump switch, and use the fuel hand pump to exclude the fuel system (1) to check whether the wiring is solid and correct; (2) check the fuel tank is enough oil; (4) check the oil level; (5) check whether the tank is filled with water; (6) the voltage regulator should be in the minimum position, automatic air switch should be broken position.

2, start the diesel engine; (2) diesel engine after the start of the rapid operation, and pay close attention to the oil pressure gauge reading, if the pressure gauge does not indicate should immediately stop inspection; (3) If the unit low-speed operation is normal, The speed can be increased to medium speed, the diesel preheat operation, when the water temperature reached 55 ℃, oil temperature reaches 45 ℃, the speed will be increased to the rated speed. (4) If the unit work completely normal, close the switch screen air switch, and then gradually increase the load.

3,Diesel engine water temperature and oil temperature and oil pressure should be in the provisions of the water temperature and oil pressure should be more than 400 volts, the current should not be greater than the rated current frequency should be about 50 Hz; (10) When the generator is started, it must be observed on-site. If the unit is abnormal, it will need to be powered off and shut down immediately. (9) It is not necessary to let the water, oil or metal and other debris enter the inside of the generator. (2) in the no-load situation, the speed gradually reduced to medium speed, until the diesel engine water, oil temperature dropped to 70 ℃ when the temperature is reduced to 70 ° C (3) Clean the entire unit and prepare for the next start-up operation.

4, maintenance methods: (1) to remove the surface of the attached dust, water, oil traces;

(3) weekly inspection of the oil level; (4) the generator is not the case, once a week to start, and then check the mechanical parts and fastening whether there is a loose phenomenon, check the movement of the rotation is flexible; Check whether the normal.

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