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Causes and Countermeasures of Low Oil Pressure of Diesel Engine

First, the oil pump oil shortage caused by oil pressure drop:

Oil pump with gear pump and rotor pump two. Some gear pumps (such as 4125 diesel engine oil pump), the pump cover and the pump body surface roughness is very low, the original design without gasket, if the maintenance of additional paper pad, it increased the gear Of the end of the gap, but will reduce the pump out of the oil. But the pump and the cylinder at the junction of a gasket, if missing, from the oil pump oil from the oil leakage, resulting in oil pressure drop. Some of the rotor pump, the outer side of the rotor side of the chamfer, the other side without chamfering, if installed anti, the oil can be reduced by 40% to 60%. In addition, the radial and end-face clearance of the gear or rotor is too large due to wear and tear, resulting in a decrease in the pump's oil consumption and an adverse effect of oil pressure drop.

Second, the oil filter plug caused by oil pressure drop:

1, when the oil filter is blocked, the oil can not pass, the filter on the base of the safety valve will be top open, so that the oil without filtering directly into the main oil channel. But if the safety valve opening pressure is too high and can not open in time, it will increase the oil pump leakage, and reduce the oil supply to the main oil, oil pressure will drop.

Third, the crankshaft and bearing pad gap caused by excessive oil pressure drop:

1, the machine after long-term use, the crankshaft and connecting rodor crankshaft and the main bearing with the gap gradually increased, and thus not form an oil wedge, oil pressure is also declining. According to the determination, the gap for each additional 0.01mm, oil pressure will drop 0.01MPa. Therefore, this is not only one of the main reasons for the low oil pressure, but also as a judge of the degree of wear of the crankshaft and bearing and whether the diesel engine should be overhauled the main signs.

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