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Adjustment of Valve Gap for 4 - cylinder Diesel Engine

First, the method:

1, the first, open the valve compartment cover, find the right to prepare the tool wheel (manual rotation of the 4-cylinder engine), the engine nameplate generally have valve clearance standards, such as: intake valve clearance: 0.25mm, exhaust valve clearance: 0.50 Mm, ready to feel ruler (also known as thick and thin rules), to find the corresponding two with your engine, a valve, exhaust valve one;

2, to confirm the engine valve position, the valve is not looking for the valve gap will be wrong. Under normal circumstances, the first adjustment can not find which one is the intake valve, which is the exhaust valve, this time, we must see the exhaust pipe. Such as: a cylinder with two valves, then a valve which is a valve and a row of seven manifold to the pair, this one is the exhaust valve, the other is a natural intake valve.

3, we use a simple and effective "one by one" tune method, that is: a cylinder a cylinder tuning method. That is: when we want to adjust a cylinder when a cylinder will be transferred to the top deadline position, this time the valve is in a free state, into the exhaust valve can be adjusted.

4, we manually use the wheel tool to the engine disk to a cylinder on the dead point, turn the process to see the valve, when found into the exhaust valve has a gap (when the gap is almost reached a cylinder at the top deadline. ) At this point you can adjust a cylinder valve clearance, and release a cylinder of the intake valve lock nut, the appropriate stopper into the valve and the rocker between the adjustment to the gap of the feeler to lock the nut. The same way to adjust the other two or three cylinders, adjust the three later on it.

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